Sending HTML email in Drupal

These instructions are for Drupal 7 but should work equally well under Drupal 6. By default Drupal sends out all its emails in plain text, but there are some good modules available that make it easy to send out HTML mails. The two most popular ones are [Read More]

Populating a vocabulary with provinces, towns and postal codes

I'm working on a website that required an easy way to associate locations with a content type. It should be possible to first select a Province from a dropdown list, and then choose from a list of the towns in that province. I have implemented this using the following popular... [Read More]

Setting a different front page for each language in Drupal 7

The use case: a multilingual Drupal 7 site, with each language having a different node to serve as front page. Each of the nodes have the same URL alias "home". Setting the homepage to the "home" URL does not work, since the Path module is returning the first match it... [Read More]

Building Hamster time tracker from source

Hamster is a very handy time tracking tool for Gnome. It is an applet which lives in the Gnome panel which is great as it is always readily available. You can switch tasks and projects effortlessly, add tags to tasks, see pretty graphs and print out time sheets for... [Read More]

Printing a file from the right-click context menu in Nautilus

By default, Gnome does not provide a print option in the right-click menu of the file browser. Luckily it is very easy to add more functions to this menu. Nautilus will look into the ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts folder and add the files it finds there to the 'scripts'-entry in the context menu... [Read More]